The primary aim and focus of the Ijaw Women Connect (IWC), is to see that every Ijaw Woman in their respective States, is given a level playing ground in all aspect of life and in the Nigerian economy, be you an Ijaw woman from Rivers State, Okrika, Kalabari, Andoni, Opobo, Bonny etc, or an Ijaw woman from Egbema Kingdom, Gelegele, Ofunama in Edo State, or an Ijaw Woman from Apoi/Arogbo in Ondo State, or an Ijaw woman from the Eastern Obolo/Ibeno in Akwa-Ibom State, or an Ijaw woman from Patani, Abari, Burutu, Ogulagha, Ezebiri, Bomadi, Tuomo, Gbaramatu etc of Delta State‎ and of course an Ijaw woman from Bayelsa State be given the same rights and privileges as the men in governance and other sectors. If an Ijaw woman is qualify for a role let her be given, not to deny her because of her sex. Hence Ijaw Women Connect (IWC), will preach against inequality as a past way of life not only in our culture but in the world at large. And that can no longer be acceptable for the Ijaw women of our generation to be benched and relegated to the back seat or kitchen as the ancient saying goes.

a. To bond together as Ijaw women to stand up and talk strong.
b. Is to ensure Ijaw women participation in socio-political and economical matters at all levels.
c. To sensitize the Ijaw women in the creeks and other rural/urban communities in repositioning themselves.
d. Ijaw women has finally come to the realisation and need ‎on how to address their complexity and where need be, address and proffer lasting solutions.
e. To speak and develop women in the creeks and provide some level of empowerment to transform their living conditions.
f. ‎ To Re-brand, Re-position, Reintegrate, and Re-build a better Ijaw woman to be morally outstanding, physically structured and mentally stable to rule the Ijaw Nation as good ambassadors.