We, are pleased to announced that the transition process for the National Executive Council of IWC-Worldwide has commenced with the formal inauguration of a five (5) man’s electoral committee which took place today 7th May, 2023.



1. Comrade. Mrs. Eugenia Opamini Obongha – CHAIRMAN. (Central Zone) 2. Comrade. Mrs. Margaret Omualabo Kejeh – Member. (Eastern Zone).

3. Comrade. Mrs. Mogboruko Marian Emomotimi – Member. (Western Zone) 4. Comrade. Veronica Abarowei – Member (Abuja Chapter).

5. Comrade. Mrs. Elizabeth Kings – Secretary (Lagos Chapter).


The committee is saddled with the responsibility to conduct elections into the National Executive Council (NEC) of IWC within three (3) months from today.


The Ijaw Nation and her women expects the committee to conduct a peaceful, credible, free, fair and transparent election, and therefore, urge them to put in their best in this regard, and also put the interest of the Ijaw Nation as a whole above any other interest.


God bless the Ijaw Nation.

God bless IWC.



Mrs. Rosemary John-Oduone.

President IWC.


Comrade. Ebisidor Nabena.

National Secretary.

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